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Dear Customer:

In order to provide you with quality and efficient information services, and constantly improve our service quality, we solemnly make the following commitments, please supervise our services and work.

1, service goals

Customer satisfaction, allowing users to rest assured that dedicated customer service, continuous improvement, and constantly improve service quality.

2, service attitude

Implementation of the first question accountability system, the first customer service staff to receive inquiries, promised to give the solution to related issues or ways;

Customer service personnel should always use civilized terms, norms, proper handling of customer inquiries;

Customer service staff always maintain a kind attitude, in any case, do not dispute with the customer.

3, service time

Shenzhen Biceste Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. website 365 365 × 7X24 non-stop operation throughout the year

Labor services on duty time:

National statutory working day: 8: 00-18: 00 daily

4, service hotline

0755-81710691 (National Statutory Working Day: 8: 00-18: 00 daily)

5, service mailbox:

6, consulting services accepted and resolved

Phone reply<1 hour

Email reply<2 business days

Customer inquiry reply rate 100%

7, technical support accepted and resolved

Use common-sense questions to reply<30 minutes

Simple question reply<1 business day

Reply to complex issues<3-5 working days

Due to various reasons can not solve the problem to explain to the user, explain.

8, confidentiality commitment

We respect the privacy rights of users. We will keep the confidentiality of the registration information provided by you. We will never disclose it nor will it be used for business purpose unless authorized by statutory regulations or the confidentiality provisions of laws and regulations.



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