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Brief description of the main advantages of the welder which

2021-04-01 17:48:10

Butt welder also known as current welder or resistance bump welder. Utilizing the resistance between the contact surfaces of the two workpieces, instantaneously passing a low-voltage, high-current causes the contact surfaces of the two butt-joined metals to instantaneously heat to melt and fuse. To achieve the purpose of welding two metal together.

1, energy-saving. Radiator flash butt welding machine uses two 125KVA resistance welding transformer for power supply, pneumatic compression, upset, no hydraulic station. Compared with other other using two 315KVA single-phase AC resistance welding transformer And two power 18KVA hydraulic station welder, BT-136D automatic spot welder for 18650 batteries digital batteries, power batteries, mobile power standard production.

2, the direction of any spot welding spot design, two or four points

3, High welding precision Adopting PLC and imported stepping motor to control the flash process, can accurately set the amount of burn-in and burn-in speed, and control the welding current through the microcomputer resistance welding controller. Can be controlled within ± 0.2mm, easy follow-up of the chip welding.

4, automatic centering function to ensure that both ends of the pipe before the welding and two titles of the same pitch, so as to ensure the amount of both ends of the same amount of burning.

5, high welding efficiency due to the workpiece is compressed times the force cylinder, the reaction speed was significantly faster than the hydraulic cylinder.

6, Convenient operation and maintenance service. Because there is no hydraulic station, the debugging point of the product, the point of failure should be less, there will be no leakage phenomenon.

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