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Spot welding machine daily operation and maintenance

2021-04-01 17:47:32

1, First of all, before using the spot welder, the staff need to check whether the equipment of the spot welder is operating normally, run for a period of time after the power is on, and observe carefully. If there is no abnormality, the equipment functions normally.

2, Then, check the spot welding spot welding needle is in the same level, and there is no oxidation phenomenon, or burning black phenomenon, if any, you can use sandpaper polishing needle.

3, when using the spot welding machine, spot welding products observed no phenomenon of frying and burning black, if any, you need to debug spot welding.

4, in the process of spot welding, do not arbitrarily transfer the welding machine and rare height between the other data.

5, every hour you need to use sandpaper polishing needle, this is to remove the spot welder at work generated oxide, it is important to note that as long as the spot welding needle on the oxide, you need to be polished maintenance.


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